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This page lists all tools registered in the system displaying their current status.
It is possible to do some filtering to narrow down the number of tools displayed.
Users with proper permissions can change the status for a tool by clicking the link “Change status”.
Tool menu Tool status.jpg

Clicking "Change status gives a popup window with the info below.
Tool change status.jpg

When the user changes the tool status it will probably affect the bookings made on that tool.

Status change


Available -> Warning

When a booking is made a warning message will be displayed to the user.

Available/Warning -> Down

All future bookings will be deleted. If a booking spans into the down period that booking will be shortened to the nearest available ½ hour.

Down -> Available/Warning

If licenced users to that tool has activated e-mail notifications in “My Profile” they will receive a notification e-mail when a tool status changes from “Down”.

Setting for E-mail notifications can be found under My profile Tool menu Tool status 2.jpg

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