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This page offers the possibility to manage the tag structure. Tags must be created from a word with connected synonyms. This is because some tags might have the same word and the administrator shouldn't have to redefine the synonyms for each tag.

If the current lab has nodes, that is other labs that shares some information, the tag och word structure is synchronized between the nodes. At the bottom of the tag tree and word list you will see a status text that informs you if the tags and words are in sync or not. If they are not in sync for some reason you can still modify the tree and word list but it is recommended not to. If you modify a word or a tag that doesn't exist in the other nodes the change will not go through.

[edit] Word list

The list to the right displays all words in the system. Some words are not editable and some words are not deletable. Some words are connected to so called system tags which cannot be modified since they are required by the system. Therefore, these words are not editable or deletable. Some words are connected to tags that have child tags and therefore these words cannot be deleted until the child tags have been deleted.

By pressing the link "Add new word" at the top of the list you can type a new word with its synonyms. The word is required of course. To modify a word or its synonyms can can pres the edit button in the row. The synonyms should be comma-separated. It is allowed to have a synonym that consists of two words. An example can be for the word "Gold", you could have the synonyms value "precious metal, Au". When you later search for tags you will get hits on the synonyms. A renamed word will of course update the tree also.

When you delete a word you will get a confirm dialog box that let you know if this word is used in tags and if these tags have connections to entities, before you actually delete the word. When a word is deleted, the tags that use this word are also deleted as well as their connections.

[edit] Tag tree

The tag tree shows the actual tag structure. The hierarchy is not really important to the end user, but is helpful to the administrator in order to organize the tags. A tag is added by dragging a word from the word list to a node. The new tag will be child node to the node it was dropped on. You can also add a tag to the root by dragging it to the "Root Node" area.

By dragging and dropping tags you can move tags around the tree. To delete a tag you simply right-click on the tag and choose delete. You will here get a confirm dialog box that informs you if the tag as connections and, if applicable, connections in other nodes.

There is one more option in the right-click menu. A Tag description is set to describe the children for this tag. If you for example have a tag named "Substrate Material" with the children "Au", "Ag" and "Si" and you set the description "Substrate" on the the tag, you will see this description when you search for the children using Tag connections by search, as "Au (Substrate)" etc.

Some tags are not deletable and this is because they are either system tags or has child tags.

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