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This page offers the user to manage the tag connections for the current lab, either by searching for tags and apply them to an entity or by traversing the tag structure and set connections for individual tags.

By search

When searching for tag the structure isn't important. Instead you will search by typing the word, description or synonyms. The description on each

Tag search

The search will continuously (as you type) match the entire search string against the Word, Description and Synonyms and display the matches in a drop down window. By using the keyboard or mouse you can select the tag of your choice. The chosen tag will get added below the search field and a list of matching tag connections will be displayed below.

If another tag is searched and added the list is updated. The list will contain tag connections that match on any or all of the entered tags, all depending on the selected option of the radio buttons above the search field.

Display tags for an item

To display the connected tags for an item you can either press the link in the entity name column for connections that match the entered tags or in the tab menu choose what type of entity you look for and choose it in the drop down (for a user it is a search field with auto complete). When an entity is chosen the tags for that entity is shown below the search field.

If an entity is chosen and you remove/add tags you will see that the "Refresh" and "Save" links in the tab are enabled. The "Refresh" link will restore the tags to the set of tags for the currently selected entity (pretty much as re-selecting it) and "Save" will save the new set of tags to the selected entity.

If you for example have a newly created Tool that you wish to add tags to you can simply select the tool and then start adding tags. When you are satisfied with the set of tags you simply press save and you are done.

Description for a tag connection

You can set a descriptive text for a tag connection. In the list of matching connections you simply press the "Description" column of the row (connection) you wish to set a description for. The text will change to an input field and you can start typing. When you press enter you will save the description. To cancel you can simply click on another description field or elsewhere, and the input field will disappear and go back to the original text

By tag tree

When viewing the tag tree you will only be able to apply connections for one tag at the time. In order to apply a connection for a tag, simply press a tag in the structure. You will then see the current tag connections for that tag. You could then either press the link in the entity name column or choose an entity in the tab structure to be able to add/change the tag connection of the current tag to the selected entity

When an entity is selected you will also see the tag connections for that entity. You can then remove tag connections by clicking the remove link or select the tag, by pressing the select link, which will allow you to alter the tag connection for that tag on the current entity. This is the same as clicking on the tag in the hierarchy.

When you add or update a tag connection you simply enter the desired description for the connection and press "Add tag"/"Update tag". The option of clicking in the description field of the tag connection list to alter the description has been removed when working with the tag tree.

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