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To add a new user the two steps of the new user form must be completed.

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Most of the fields are “information only”, with no specific connection to the system, with a few exceptions.

[edit] Laboratory / Group

This affects invoices, since different groups can have different fees. If you change the “Laboratory/Group”, you choose “Make change from month” So in case you are in the middle of a month, that group will still be debit for that user, that month.

[edit] Monthly fee matrix

This determines which monthly fee matrix the user should be connected to, and depending on the matrix, the invoices will be affected with respect to monthly fee, break point and reduction

[edit] User status

Active / Inactive / Deleted. An Inactive user can still log in, but can not do anything in the system. A deleted user can not log in at all. (Though, a deleted user can be set back to active again)

[edit] Roles

A role determines what a user can see or do in the system. More info at: Roles of the system

[edit] Bookable as resource

This is a setting that gives the user the option to book/log time in projects. Primary this function is for lab personnel that are active in different projects, where someone else has booked. Project time by resource is found under Man hours

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