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The page enables a project manager to create a new project.

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All fields but “Supplementary info” are mandatory.


[edit] Project Id

This is the Id you choose for the project. This must be a unique number.

[edit] Project name

Name of the project

[edit] Project category

Project category field is a description, which can be defined at Manage project categories

[edit] Type of project

Type of project. Can be "standard", "service", "maintenance". This affects the booking rules.

[edit] Laboratory / group

Group responsible for the project

[edit] Charge type

Zero – Low – Medium – High. This is to set the cost for bookings within this project.

[edit] Project leader

Responsible for project

[edit] Start date / End date

Dates for start and stop. It’s not possible too book before start or after stop.

[edit] Supplementary info

Optional. Short description of project.

When changing charge type or laboratory group, the user must select a start month for the new charge, since cost is calculated per month

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