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This page offers the possibility to create two different types of lists

[edit] Filter lists

There are 7 different types of filter


When you have made you selection you can press "Add filter" to add your filter. You will then see your filter on top of the page as well as a list of users that complies with the filter. There is no possibility to modify an already added filter. You you need to modify it, the solution would be to delete it and add a new one. You can add as many filters you want and the user list will get larger with each filter since the system apply OR between each filter.

You can save your filter to an existing list or to a new list. When saving to an existing list you will overwrite this list. Existing lists are shown in the dropdown next to the "Save current filter to:"-label. If you wish to create a new list, simply supply a name in the textbox to the right of the dropdown. Press "Save" when you have selected an existing filter/entered a new name.

The filter list in the top right corner will get updated once you save a list. This list shows all the saved filter lists with the number of filters in each filter list. By pressing "Show" you can load the filter and the current filter will get replaced with the loaded one. You can then update the filter by removing or adding and then save it to the same list again. By pressing "Delete" you can delete the filter. You you press "Load" right before "Delete" the deleted filter will still show as the current filter.

[edit] User lists


By using the filter you can get see different users in the user table. Next to each user there is a checkbox which you can press. The checked users can then be added to a user list. Below the user table there is a dropdown, textbox and a save button that give you the possibility to select an existing user list, supply a name for a new user list and save this user list so you can access it later.

When saving users to an existing user list, you will not replace this list like with the filter lists, but instead add the checked users that does already not exist in the list.

The user list in the top right corner of the page displays the saved user lists together with the number of users in each list.By pressing "Show" you will see a list of the users in the list. The filters the hide and you can choose to delete users by check them and press "Delete checked". When you are finished with the user list just press "Go back". By pressing "Delete" in the user list you will remove the user list.

Even if a user list is static it is only the user id's that are saved in the list. If anything on the the user is changed, such as the email address, it will get reflected in the user list without the need to re-save the list.

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