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There are five sections in “My Profile”:
“Personal Info”, “Change Password”, “Email Settings”, “User Settings” and “Favorites”.
In the different sections the logged in user can view and edit his/her settings.

Personal Info
To change the settings, simply edit the fields and press the button “Save Changes”.
The checkboxes "Update E-mail in nodes" and "Update E-mail in portal" are only visible if LIMS is part of a LIMS-network.

Change Password
In this section the user can change the password by entering a new password and press the button called “Change Password”.

The following does only apply if the LIMS i part of a LIMS-network
If the checkbox called “Update password in nodes” is checked the password change is made in other connected LIMS nodes as well. If the checkbox called “Update password in portal” is checked the password will be updated in the portal as well. It is possible to distribute the current password to the other LIMS-nodes by clicking the link “Set this password as password in other nodes”. In this case it is not necessary to change the password, just click the link and the password will be the same in all LIMS-nodes.

Email settings
This section allows the user to change the personal Email settings.
When to receive an e-mail from the system, and if the system should send a confirmation mail as a copy to your self when mailing an other user.

User settings
This is the settings for default project when booking, one or several booking windows at the same time, default timeout for login, and using an iCalendar-feed.

By clicking the link “Show” the link to the iCalendar feed is shown.

By copying the link into a calendar that supports iCalendar (like the Google calendar) the user’s future bookings is shown in the calendar. How to add the LIMS-calender to your Google-calendar can be found here:

How to subscribe from Outlook: (Ignore the part that the address has to start with a webcal - in this case, it's also working with the http.)

Shows all projects for the user.

Shows all cources where the user has attended.

Favorites are created by checking different sections, see picture below to the left. The selected sections is displayed as “Favorites” in the left hand menu, see picture to the left.

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