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[edit] Glossary



Tool Id

A unique tool number.  This Id is user defined.

Tool status

The status of a tool. The statuses are Available, Warning and Down.

Tool category

The tool type.

Tool down time

The hours the tool has been unavailable.

Tool document

Documents connected to the tool.


A booking on a specific tool.


In the calendar the users can create/edit/view bookings. The calendar displays one week at a time.

Tool license

To book a specific tool the user must have a licence for that tool.

Licence application

Users that need to use certain tools must apply for a “driving” licence. The application is handled by the tool responsible.

Tool responsible

A user category. There are 1st and 2nd tool responsible. The users in this category grants licenses and is permitted to edit tool properties.

Practical coach

The practical coach is a user that has helped an applicant using a specific tool. The practical coach is a user who has licence for that specific tool


When applying for membership in LIMS the applier must name his/her supervisor.


A user category that instructs new users how to use tools.


It is possible to Add/Create projects in LIMS. When booking a tool the user have to specify a project.


It is possible to add and edit batches, to be referenced to when logging.

Night shift booking

Certain rules apply when booking tools outside daytime hours.


Users with permission can create/edit and send the newsletter. The newsletter is usually sent at the end of the week.


A map over the structure of the website.


All users has a profile which can be edited by the users himself, email, password etc.

Process line(s)

Tools used in a process flow can be grouped using a process line.

External mail receivers

External mail addresses that will receive information messages from LIMS.

Internal info page

The start page for LIMS. The page can be edited by users with higher permission levels.


The process for the users to log their work on a booking/tool.

Log fields

It is possible to add/create custom log fields on every tool separately.

Fares and charges

Sets hourly rates, monthly fee etc. Used when handling invoices.


A menu that contains the selected favorites in the LIMS system. The favorites are user defined and set in the “My Profile” section.

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