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Each matrix on this page has a history where you can view the values in the past. You can not alter the past values though.

[edit] Hourly rate matrix

The Hourly rates are used for tools. Each too has an rate type that corresponds to to a row in the matrix. A project has, depending on its owner, a charge type, which will correspond to a column in the matrix.

If the matrix needs to be altered simply press the "Change hourly rates" link. If the latest existing version starts in the current month the date in the form will be set to the current month and any changes to the values will be updates to this latest version. Otherwise a new version will be created. A new version will also be created if you change the start month to a month in the future (when the latest starts the current month).

I.e. if the current month is 201202 and the latest version starts this month and you press the change link, you will see 2012-02 in the month text box. Any changes to the values will update this version, but if you change the start month to 2012-03 the 201202 version will remain and a new version will be created that starts 201203.

If the latest matrix in the history starts in the future any changes to the matrix will be updates to this version.

You can not set the end months. These are set automatically to the month before the next start month.

[edit] Monthly fee matrices

Each user that makes a booking must be connected to a monthly fee matrix. This controls the monthly fee that is being billed to the projects that this user makes a booking or to the laboratory group this user belongs to if he/she has not made any bookings for the invoice month period.

The matrix also controls the discount that will affect the users booking and the break point in which the discount starts.

The monthly fee matrix consists of three values per column

[edit] Monthly fee

Each user belongs to one and only one company. This company has a charge type that controls which column the monthly fee should be taken from. The monthly fee cost is only applied to the company the user belongs to. If the user doesn't book in any projects that belongs to the same company the laboratory group will take the whole cost. The user can still book in projects that belongs to another company though.

If the user books in at least one project that belongs to the same company these projects will divide the monthly fee equally between them.

[edit] Monthly break point and reduction

The monthly break point controls how much a user can book before the discount kicks in. Projects that belongs to other companies will of course pay for the time the user book in these projects. The break point is per company and project charge type, that is projects with the same charge type belonging to the same company will share the discount of all hours booked in these projects, since they have the same break point and the same owner.

An example can be that if the "High" break point is 20000 and we have two projects belonging to the same company that the user has booked in. In project A the user has booked for the total cost of 20000 and in project B the user has booked for 10000. This will mean that the total break point for these projects is 20000 and the user has booked for 30000. He/she will have the discount based on 10000, divided between the projects depending on how much of the total cost the project have.

If the reduction for "High" is 60% the total discount will be 6000. Since project A have 2/3 of the total cost this project will also have 2/3 of the discount, that is 4000 and project B will have 1/3 of the discount, that is 2000.

The bill for this user will be 20000 - 4000 = 16000 for project A and 10000 - 2000 = 8000 for project B. It is a total of 24000 which is also the same as 30000 - 6000 = 24000. The discount is just divided between each project.

If the user has booked in a third project with another charge type, but the project still belongs to the same company as the other two projects, this project will have its own break point. It is only projects with the same charge type belonging to the same company that will share the discount and break point, regardless of which company the user belongs to.

[edit] Editing

The editing for these matrices works almost the same as the hourly rates matrix. You can add several matrices and name them. To add a matrix, simply press the "Add monthly fees" button. A new matrix in edit mode will appear and you must specify a name and can change the start month if you wish. It is automatically set to the next month in the future. You also set the values and then press "Update", or "Cancel" if you wish not to create a matrix. Important to notice is that once a matrix is created it cannot be deleted. Please contact the system administrator if you wish to delete it.

The editing of values and start month of each matrix works like this: you press change fees and the latest fee has a start month that is the current month or a month in the future, you will edit this fee. If the latest fee starts before the current month you will add a new.

[edit] Cost for man hour matrix

This matrix controls the cost for resource booking depending what project that makes the booking. The editing of this matrix functions in the same way as the hourly rates matrix.

[edit] Cost for cleanroom access

This matrix controls the cost/fee for a user visiting the lab. When a user exits the lab, the time spent in the labb is (default) added to the users "default project". The user can later on redistribute the time to other project. The cost for cleanroom access can be added to the invoice specification.

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