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In this page a user can apply for a tool licence.
The three different dates are suggestions for the necessary overhaul done by a tool responsible or an instructor.
The practical coach is another user who has licence for that tool.
The practical coach must be a user that has helped the applicant using the specific tool.

The application is sent by mail to 1st or 2nd tool responsible and/or all instructors for that tool, and/or the responsible user for the laboratory / group, where the applying user belong. This is determinated under System settings

When the license is confirmed by a tool responsible or instructor the user receives a “driving” license for that tool. This means that the user is allowed to book and use that tool.
The last field, "Short info of intended use" can be customized by a tool responsible, to contain a tool specific question.

Tool Menu My Apply For Licence.jpg

Users, who are tagged (Tag connections) as a "practical coach" have the ability to make applications for other users.
Tool Menu My Apply For Licence 2.jpg
The list, "--License for user --" contains all users who has has the applying user as their practical coach.

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